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We are your creative social media agency that works with established businesses to bring their vision to life.

We're an extension of your team! We teach you how to effectively communicate online using your brand personality & style. We listen closely to your business needs and help you translate them into digestible content for social media. Let's work together to powerfully speak directly to your target audience and increase your brand awareness online, sell more, book events, & build real relationships with your audience.

As a Social Media Industry Leader, we believe that businesses should create unique, engaging content that is relatable and accomplishes their specific goals! Working with our dedicated Creative Team will allow you to enhance what you already have and stay up to date with current social media trends/processes in order to achieve success. Throughout the process, we work together to ensure that your vision comes to life. Trust us.

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Pretty Prosperity, LLC.

Pretty Prosperity Social is a worldwide, result-lovin' content creation & social media company. We teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of words 💬 and positive vibes💫 to create content & communication that their audience adores. We also provide social media support for businesses, virtual events, & in-person events! We work hand-in-hand with your team to create valuable social media content that translates your business goals into meaningful conversations. - Nia Simone Epps, Owner

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Pretty Prosperity Social X Innovate Assist Partnership

Pretty Prosperity will be adding new, amazing options for our Social Media Clients such as Monthly Newsletters, Blog Updates, CRM Success, Email List Management, and soooo much more because if our connection with Innovate Assist! #WowGod....

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7 Ways to $how Respect to the Entrepreneurs you Work With!

As an entrepreneur, you will work with thousands of professionals across the world throughout your career (if you're lucky). As you grow your brand you'll begin to realize it takes countless hours to produce high-quality results, therefore you will begin to seek ...

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Our team is excited to start brainstorming ideas with you. Book a coaching session to get started with a Social Media Coach. Bring your ideas to the table and create a plan to enhance them. Not sure what you need? No worries, we can schedule a free 15-minute Quick Chat