Who is Pretty Prosperity?


We are your creative social media management, marketing & public relations agency that works with established businesses to bring their vision to life.

We're an extension of your team! We communicate online on your behalf using your brand personality and style. We listen closely to your business needs and translate them into digestible content for social media. Our plans are designed to powerfully speak directly to your target audience and increase your brand awareness online.

As a Social Media Leader, we create unique and engaging content is our specialty! This includes enhancing your content (images, videos, copy/verbiage), posting/scheduling of posts & stories, communicating with your target audience, quarterly/ monthly reporting, visits to your location/events to capture imagery, strategy/ brainstorming meetings, and more. (*varies based on plan)

As your business continues to grow, working with a dedicated Creative Expert will allow you the flexibility to focus on other aspects of your business. Throughout the process, we work together to ensure that your vision comes to life.

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Meet Nia Simone

This is Nia Simone Epps. She's the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of Pretty Prosperity, LLC. Nia stepped out on faith by leaving her 9-to-5 to follow her passion to support growing brands full-time! She bet on herself and on others. That's how Pretty Prosperity was born! With an amazing team of experts on board!

Who knew that working in corporate America for over 10+ years would give Nia the knowledge & confidence to run this empire, exponentially! Throughout her career, she worked hard to climb the invisible corporate ladder. (Yes, invisible because she truly had a different passion) She returned to school while working to earn a Master's degree in Business Administration and starting several successful businesses on the side. We believe that her past positioned her for entrepreneurship.

Since it's inception, Pretty Prosperity, LLC. has been blessed to partner with a variety of major brands in various businesses including Grocery Stores, Fashion Brands, Authors, Non-profits Organizations, Janitorial Services, Security Companies, and more! As the brand continues to grow it remains true to its mission, "Helping brands bring their dreams to fruition" through creative Social Media, Marketing & Public Relations strategies.

"Share your dream and we'll do whatever it takes to make it come true."- Nia S. Epps

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