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We have created our Monthly Social Media Content Creation Membership for businesses just like yours! Please take a look at the terms and conditions below. After review, you can select the Sign-Up option where you will be led to your PayPal invoice.

Social Media Content Creation Monthly Membership | $850

The SM Content Creation/ Scheduling package includes:

  • Bi-weekly strategy sessions
  • Optimized bio & page updates
  • Social Media Calendar /Plan
  • Automated Posting Scheduling -We will schedule your content to post to 2 social platforms 3 times a week during the optimal time.
  • 10 post (graphic designs) per month
  • 5 story (graphic designs) per month
  • 1 Facebook cover design per quarter
  • 20 captions & 20 hashtags set (includes copywriting for the 10 posts (graphic designs) we created + 10 images/videos supplied by you or we can provide stock images)
  • VIP access Customer Service via Email/Phone Support

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